Meet The Team - Michael Rowan

Meet The Team - Michael Rowan

Just as watches can tell stories of tradition, precision, and passion; we shine the spotlight on the individual who brings ours to life.

Meticulously hand-building every Nomadic watch in our 121-year-old HQ in Belfast, Michael Rowan, our Master Watchmaker, continues to craft his own story spanning over five decades of dedication, precision, and passion.

A national championship-winning cyclist, Michael's love for watches springs from a lifelong fascination and appreciation for mechanical marvels. He draws parallels between watches and bicycles, noting their shared relationship and reliance on mechanical craftsmanship.

Nomadic Watches Master Watchmaker

Michael’s vigorous approach to his craft and sport is infectious. With a spirited lust for life, he truly is a master craftsman, whose skill and dedication breathes life into each timepiece he creates. Watchmaking is not merely about technical proficiency; it is also about infusing each timepiece with a unique character and charm, and that’s why we’re proud to have Michael as our Master Watchmaker as he continues his journey and dedication to Make Progress.

Curious to know what Michael’s favourite Nomadic watch is? We put that very question to him. 

Favourite Nomadic Watch?

Turas 914 - Landfall Edition 

Nomadic Watches Turas 914


“I'm not going to lie, my initial preferences definitely lay with the Maraí 401 and when we released the Turas last September nothing changed, I still thought the Maraí was ‘The One’. Then when I built our first Landfall edition of the Turas, my whole focus changed. This is now by far my favourite timepiece. Not just a watch but a work of art and an absolute beauty on the wrist." 

Hear more about Michael’s journey in a captivating conversion with him, as he shares his reflections on his lifelong passions and the exciting chapter that awaits him.


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