Meet Maraí 401- The Irish Sea Farer

Maraí: Irish Sea Farer

From the shipyards, to the linen mills, Belfast is rich in a legacy of craft, innovation and an intangible grit in the air. The iconic Samson & Goliath cranes dominate the city’s skyline as a symbol of strength and industrial triumph. 

Belfast's legendary shipyard, Harland and Wolff, is renowned for its mighty yellow gantry cranes, but is perhaps most famous for its 401st ship, the RMS Titanic as well as her passenger ferry... the SS Nomadic. 

Originally designed by Thomas Andrews, exactly one quarter of the size of her famous friend, the SS Nomadic is now the last remaining White Star Line ship in the world.

The Nomadic has a colourful and adventurous history. After a lifetime ferrying passengers to the world’s largest transatlantic liners and seeing active service in both World Wars the Nomadic became a restaurant and party venue moored beside the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Over 100 years later, she is restored to her original glory and back home in Belfast's Hamilton Dock.

Drawing inspiration from Belfast city, its ship building legacy and the SS Nomadic, Maraí means Sea Farer in Irish, and the 401, certainly lives up to its name as a heavy duty sea faring tool. With a 40mm case, our 1st edition watch, the 401 echoes Belfast's greatest engineering feats. The unmistakable sweeping yellow second hand is a humble nod to the iconic cranes.

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