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From respected watch experts, and prominent journalists to everyday enthusiats and watch lovers, Nomadic has recieved critical accliam.

Britt Pierce

AKA Watch Gringa

"There's actually a lot of cool hidden gems in this watch... It's a pretty strong alternative to the BB58 especially if you want something slightly larger"

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Oisin O'Malley

"My favourite things about this watch are that it’s a slim watch and therefore it’s elegant. You can wear this with a nice shirt on your way to a restaurant, or with jeans and t-shirt…

This watch is one of the most legible I’ve actually ever owned and for under a thousand bucks it has some of the best lume, by far, that I’ve ever seen. I actually put it up next to some Rolex watches and it lasted longer overnight, I don’t know how they did it at this price point, but they did."

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Close up Nomadic dive watch with Harland and Wolff yellow seconds hand Belfast watch

Hafiz J Memood

"Looking closely at the hour markers, the surface finish and the quality is impressive… You’re not just getting applied indices, but ones that offer a very refined experience"

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Oracle Time Magazine

If there’s one design element that defines the Maraí, it’s not their good looks dredged from the golden age of 50s diving. It’s not their respectable specs and tool watch functionality. It’s a small yet unmistakable detail...

For some watches a coloured second hand would be a throwaway detail. Here, it might just be the most thematically important part of the Maraí 401.

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The Irish times

“My dad had a few nice watches when I was growing up, but I was never really super-bothered about them. Then when my uncle passed away, I inherited a couple of really high-end watches from him. Now, I like travelling, and I like diving and sea-swimming, and I was really nervous bringing those watches with me doing that, worrying that I’d damage them or lose them. So that’s where the idea began."

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The Business Post

Nomadic founder finds the time is right for a luxury watch for rugged use. The Belfast-based business makes affordable high-end adventure-proof timepieces inspired by the city’s shipbuilding industry

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We love a watch with a story. It’s why we’re huge fans of the Omega Speedster... It’s also why we’re intrigued by a new watchmaker from Ireland called Nomadic.

Based in Belfast, Nomadic leans into the city’s shipbuilding history to give more context to its Maraí 401 collection.

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The Irish News

New Belfast watch brand worn by Grammy-award winning Titanic musician opens city centre HQ

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